It Happened in Havana (Hacerse el Sueco)

A jewel thief, disguised as a Swedish literature professor on vacation in Cuba, is masterminding a daring robbery. Before he can get if off the ground, he ends up falling for the daughter of a retired police officer and before he knows it, he is treated just like one of the family. The phoney Swede even has to fake a lecture on Pippi Longstocking so that he doesn't blow his cover before ultimately committing the near-perfect crime.

Year of Production:2000
Director:Daniel Diáz Torres
Writer:Eduardo del Llano, Daniel Diáz Torres
Cast:Peter Lohmeyer, Ketty de la Iglesia, Enrique Molina, Coralia Veloz
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion, Igeldo Komunikazioa, Impala
Distributor:Arthaus Filmverleih
World Sales:Kinowelt International
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