Harald, a package tourist from outer space, is spending a three-week holiday on earth. He meets Rica, who has contact with cheap science fiction novels through her job as a publishing editor and is actually used to quite a bit - but this extra-terrestrial is something else.

Year of Production:1996
Director:Jürgen Egger
Writer:Jürgen Egger
Cast:Heinrich Schafmeister, Martina Gedeck, Ingo Naujoks, Cay Helmich, Gesche Tebbenhoff, Michael Lerchenberg, Maximilian Wigger, Gilbert von Sohlern, Michael Fitz, Christian Pätzold, Sönke Wortmann
Production:Starhaus Filmproduktion
Coproduction:Jolyon Symonds Productions
Distributor:Kinowelt Filmverleih
World Sales:Sales Company
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