G8 - Fenced Off

"A 13-kilometers long fence shall protect the leaders of the G8 Meeting" that was the news that was spread throughout the media in 2007. A 13-kilometers long fence and an expense of 100 million Euros for a meeting to last 3 days? 16.000 police officers to protect the G8 leaders? Who shall be separated from whom? Is it really about security or is the fence more like a symbol? And if so, what for? The film makers searched the answers to those significant questions. And even the police mentioned activities that were interventions of civil liberties.

Year of Production:2007
Director:Andreas Horn, Armin Marewski
Writer:Andreas Horn, Armin Marewski
Cast:Jörg Fredrich, Andreas Henner, Sönke Hilbrans, Knut Abramowski
Production:Starhaus Filmproduktion
Distributor:Arthaus Filmverleih
World Sales:Kinowelt International
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