Set in contemporary America’s heartland, Rain tells a story of murder, sex and redemption set against the backdrop of a dead-end town suffering through a severe drought. Patsy, the Sheriff’s wife is having an affair with Paul, another woman’s husband. The Sheriff’s adopted teenage son is having an affair with Paul’s wife, Ellen, a woman with whom the Sheriff once had an affair himself. As the summer gets hotter and the rain fails to arrive, the fields, the buildings and everyone’s private lives are set to burst into flames.

Year of Production:2001
Director:Katherine Lindberg
Writer:Katherine Lindberg
Cast:Melora Walters, Kris Park, Jo Anderson, Diane Ladd, Jamey Sheridan, Ellen Muth, Adrian Johansson
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion
World Sales:New Image
Awards:Stockholm Film Festival 2001: Vanja Cernjul - Best Cinematography
Deutsch | English