Eight Miles High

A gripping love story based on the life of the legendary top model and groupie Uschi Obermaier, the sex symbol of the 1968 generation.
The beautiful young Uschi Obermaier from Munich is transformed at the end of the 1960s from a fashion top model to the figurehead of the sexual revolution and becomes the medium for an entire generation. After meeting the pop-communard Rainer Langhans, Uschi moves into the Berlin "Commune 1" and runs through a whirlwind of relationships which make her a media icon, but useless for a "normal" life. When the commune falls apart in 1969, she takes up a relationship with the charismatic adventurer and bar-owner Dieter Bockhorn. In search of the summer of eternal love and on the run from changing times, Uschi and Dieter take off on a long, adventurous trip in their camper bus around the world. But their dropout idealism soon becomes catastrophic as Dieter cannot come to terms with Uschi's desire for independence. Uschi finds herself faced with an existential question: what is the price of freedom?

Year of Production:2007
Director:Achim Bornhak
Writer:Achim Bornhak, Olaf Krämer
Cast:Natalia Avelon, Matthias Schweighöfer, David Scheller, Alexander Scheer, Victor Noren
Production:Neue Bioskop Germany
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion, Studio Babelsberg/Babelsberg Film, Hofmann&Voges Entertainment, Senator Film Produktion, B.A. Produktion, TV60 Filmproduktion, Munich Animation Film
Distributor:Warner Bros.
World Sales:Beta Cinema
Awards:Undine Awards Austria 2007: Matthias Schweighöfer - Best Young Actor
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