Reverse Shot: Rebellion of the Filmmakers

Fassbinder, Herzog, Wenders. Three directors whose names are synonymous with the emergence of West German cinema from decades of post-war insignificance. An important co-architect of this new departure was the Filmverlag der Autoren a production and distribution co-operative founded by thirteen filmmakers in Munich in 1971.
REVERSE SHOT tells the story of this unusual collective of auteurs from its beginnings, to the international successes at Cannes and the disintegration of the group in 1977. It is the story of the rise and fall of this organisation in a film that has all the ingredients of a big screen drama: friendship, success, jealousy, destruction and death.

Year of Production:2008
Director:Dominik Wessely, Laurens Straub
Writer:Rainer Kölmel, Laurens Straub, Dominik Wessely
Cast:Heinz Badewitz, Hark Bohm, Uwe Brandner, Michael Fengler, Veith von Fürstenberg, Hans W. Geißendörfer, Irm Hermann, Werner Herzog, Peter Lilienthal, Tom Luddy, Hans Noever, Thomas Schamoni, Peter Sickert, Laurens Straub, Wim Wenders etc.
Production:Starhaus Filmproduktion
Coproduction:Filmverlag der Autoren, BR, WDR und arte
Distributor:Kinowelt Filmverleih
World Sales:Kinowelt International
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