Berlin in the suburbs. An atmosphere of violence and boredom, buildings made from prefabricated slabs. The youth of this area is gathering in different groups and in the local youth club. Violence is the daily business. There begins the love story between Sabine and Eddi who first have to fight against all odds before really getting the chance to live like they want to.

Year of Production:2000
Director:Esther Gronenborn
Writer:Esther Gronenborn
Cast:Jana Pallaske, Frank Droese, Toni Blume, Nele Steffen
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion, Shorts Production, Studio Babelsberg Independents
Distributor:Arthaus Filmverleih
World Sales:Kinowelt International
Awards:51. German Film Awards: Best Direction
51. German Film Awards: Best Editing - Christian Lonk
22. Max-Ophüls-Preis - Festival: Interfilm Award - Esther Gronenborn
22. Bavarian Film Awards: Best Direction – Young Film
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