A Handful of Grass

Ten-year-old Kendal lives in a very simple small Kurdish village until his uncle brings him to Germany. He works for Salim, a drug boss who has a special fondness for using children as dealers. When his uncle is arrested, Hellkamp, the taxi driver, picks up Kendal and reluctantly decides to look after him. But since he is not allowed to keep Kendal, the boy ends up in a children's home, where he is pestered and hassled by the older boys. Finally, his troubles force him to flee to the one person he can trust. Gradually, a deep friendship now develops between the unresponsive Hellkamp and the lonely boy.

Year of Production:2000
Director:Roland Suso Richter
Writer:Uwe Timm
Cast:Oliver Korittke, Arman Inci, Ercan Durmaz, Lisa Martinek
Production:GŁnter Rohrbach / MTM
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion
Distributor:Kinowelt Filmverleih
World Sales:Bavaria Film International
Awards:Cinekid 2001: Roland Suso Richter - Cinekid Film Award
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