First shooting day of THE GIRL KING

Today Mika Kaurismäki starts shooting the historic drama THE GIRL KING in Turku, Finland. Malin Buska plays Queen Christina of Sweden, who experienced a masculine education, became Queen at the age of 5 in 1632 after the death of her father King Gustav II and took over the regency at the age of 18. Sarah Gadon, Michael Nyqvist, Martina Gedeck and Hippolyte Girardot have also taken roles in the Finnish-Canadian-German-Swedish production of the companies Marianna film from Finland, Triptych Media and Galafim from Canada and Star House Filmproduktion from Germany and Anagram from Sweden. Shootings are also planned in Germany and Sweden. NFP marketing & distribution has taken over the rental in Germany. BR, Arte undFilmFernsehFonds Bayern are among the other partners and sponsors.
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