A Map of the Heart

Things could hardly turn out worse for Katrin. In Corsica, her boss and lover of many years tells her that his wife is pregnant. In one abrupt instant, all hopes for a life together are dashed. But all her attempts to start a new life simply toss her deeper into a maelstrom of aimlessness and pain. It happens that she meets Malte, an adventure-hungry young man who lives on the edge and strictly for the moment. He overwhelms her with the honesty and clarity of his feelings - and suddenly, from one minute to the next, her life becomes a dangerous tightrope walk.

Year of Production:2001
Director:Dominik Graf
Writer:Markus Busch, Dominik Graf
Cast:Karoline Eichhorn, Antonio Wannek, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Ralf Herforth, Peter Lohmeyer, Caroline Schreiber, Ulrich Gebauer
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion, Bavaria Film
Distributor:Concorde Filmverleih
World Sales:Bavaria Film International
Awards:52. German Film Awards: Best Editing - Hana Müllner
23. Bavarian Film Awards: Best Actress - Karoline Eichhorn
23. Bavarian Film Awards: Best Production
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