Forget America

Having a friend like Benno is the best thing that can happen to you. Especially if you're young, your name is David, and you live in Aschleben, the most godforsaken little shit hole in the world. One day Anna enters the picture. She dreams of becoming a star. Of course Benno's the one who wins Anna's heart.
The three of them go their separate ways. When they come together in Aschleben again, a lot has changed and they look back to a time full of shattered hopes and broken dreams, full of furious passion and rage - and, yes indeed, quite simply the best time of their lives.

Year of Production:2000
Director:Vanessa Jopp
Writer:Maggie Peren
Cast:Marek Harloff, Roman Knižka, Franziska Petri, Rita Feldmeier, Andreas Schmidt-Schaller
Production:Avista Film
Coproduction:Starhaus Filmproduktion, Brainpool TV, WDR
Distributor:Arthaus Filmverleih
World Sales:Telepool
Awards:22. Bavarian Film Awards: Best Production
First Steps Award, Germany: Directing
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