Color of the Ocean

Every year thousands of boats leave the African continent towards the European coasts. Pent-up in rattly barges the refugees do not know if they will survive the crossing.

COLOR OF THE OCEAN narrates the stories of the young German tourist Nathalie, the African refugee Chani and the Spanish police officer José, whose paths cross in Grand Canary. Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different…

Year of Production:2011
Director:Maggie Peren
Writer:Maggie Peren
Cast:Alex Gonzalez, Hubert Koundé, Sabine Timoteo, Friedrich Mücke, Nathalie Poza, Alba Alonso
Production:SÜDART Filmproduktion
Coproduction:STARHAUS Filmproduktion, El Olivo Producciones, Noirfilm Filmproduktion, BR/Arte, SWR
World Sales:Global Screen
Awards:The Bernhard Wicki Film Prize - The Bridge
The Young German Cinema Award - Best Production Design
Bavarian Film Award - Young producers' Prize (VGF)
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