Awards for THE GIRL KING of the 39. Montréal World Film Festival

La Presse writes: “At times, The Girl King is a traditional epic with beautiful period costumes, cavalcades and sword fights....What breaks the mold, is the character of Kristina, her aplomb, her very masculine energy, her tomboy outfits, her intellectual curiosity, her exchanges with Descartes and the fact that her bold, challenging thinking is actually the heart of the story and in the centre of the screen.”
The Girl King is the story of one of the most iconic queens in history, Queen Kristina of Sweden. Crowned Queen in 1633 at the age of six and raised as a prince, Queen Kristina was an enigmatic and brilliant young leader who fought conservative forces to revolutionize Sweden while falling in love and exploring her awakening sexuality. Torn between conflicts of political and personal aspirations, Kristina made one of the most controversial choices in history.
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